007 Escape Room   

 Her majesty's secret service..


Due to coronavirus we are closed and working form home. If you need to contact us leave a message on our
answering machine or contact us by email.

From all at 007 Escape Room Please stay safe and we will look forward to welcoming you all back 
when this is over


We’ve been expecting you…

 …welcome to 007 Escape Rooms, a cutting-edge and exciting live escape room game in Wolverhampton.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to escape a room in 60 minutes. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But our Games Masters are not going to make it easy for you, with dastardly puzzles and mysteries you will have to search high and low for clues in order to get out.

Our rooms are truly unique as we have an in-house 3D printer which we use to create props enabling us to deliver an original experience which is only limited by our imaginations!

Of course, as with most escape rooms you’ll have experienced we will be on hand to help – and while we consider our rooms to be challenging, we will support you if needed. Let us know if you would like us to give you clues only when you ask, or if you would like a limited number of clues – depending on how much support you request will affect the difficulty of the room.


      To celebrate our first year, we've fixed our room prices: 

              Wizards World - Currently $145 up to 6 people

            Russian Recovery - Currently $125 up to 6 people



Victoria Passage


West Midlands



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