Her majesty secret escape...



Last night at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Professor Hergolor was attacked outside the library of treasures. 

Investigators have been unable to locate his wand and cloak. Initial examination suggests a large amount of magic was used to overpower Professor Hergolor, and as he was a renowned master wizard it is unlikely those lacking in magical ability or elf-kind would be able to pull off such a feat.

Given the complexity of this case, we need keen minds to locate the culprit. This is where you come in, meet Sergeant Smudge to begin, he will be able to guide you and offer hints and insights if you think you're missing something.

We don't have any more time to waste - the clock is ticking so grab your wands and don your cloaks...


Wizards world is the new clue-solving adventure game that captures the minds of would be Wizards. Professor Hergalore has been injured by a spell cast outside the library of Treasures . Do you have what it takes to find the culprit? 
Set in towns all over the U.K., you'll need to hunt around your chosen location for the characters, solve their puzzle to receive a clues. Can you solve the crime? If your a couple looking for something different to do, or a group of friends looking for a fun filled day out, Wizards World is the perfect way to get together and put your crime solving skills to the test. Playing Wizards world is simple: Pick your location, download the app from either the Apple App or Google Play Store

On the day you play, follow the link we send you, solve the clues, then finally,  pick the culprit and weapon. Be careful, you only get two attempt's for the CORRECT verdict. Sargent Smudge is always around to give you advice if you're stuck, beware it will cost you a penalty.

 How to play Wizards World
1 Pick your location, down load the app, follow the link we send you.
2 ON THE DAY: Wear comfortable shoes, Bringing a battery pack for your device is advisable, pen     and paper will come in really handy, never enter unsafe places, always be aware of your                  surroundings, never jump fences.
3 Find the characters, solve the riddles, rule out your suspects. 
4 Have fun.


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